Eurytion, Stuck Through the Side (Tater Tots)

from by Q-pup

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Calydon, calydon, calydon
And how it made me feel
Touch upon, touch upon, touch upon,
The serpent on my heel
And I dont know if I can say that what I did was right
And I dont know if what I saw is truth or second sight
I saw you making popcorn
I saw you on the couch
I saw you with your tongue hanging out
I saw you at the table
I saw you on my phone
I saw you eating tater tots alone
Air conditioning
And stale renditioning
Apologizing sleeping in the stall
False equivalences
Rare impermanences
What if you dont think of me at all
Middle way, middle way, middle way,
And fuck if I don’t know
Not today, not today, not today
Eight pinecones in the snow
Javelin with sudden stupor caught captive on my head (part of me)
Redemption silent continental passage from my bed (part of me)
And what if Atlanta was right and the sequence was only my fault
And what if the answer so certain owned only by god
Come calling protection make of an antler try not to poke your own eyes out
Come calling protection sealed with a wink and a nod
Come calling protection drunken forgiveness heard near a month from my birthday
Come calling protection faith that you know what i did
Come calling protection taught without breaking somebody yells something youd say
Come calling protection instead i was gone and I hid
I saw you at the bus stop
I saw you at the store
I cant recognize your face anymore
I saw you at the table
I saw you on my phone
I saw you eating tater tots alone


from Ancient Agriculture and What It Means, released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved